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Zoe Nutt – Like You

Zoe Nutt – Like You  URL: http://www.zoenutt.com/  One of the real miracles heard on Zoe Nutt’s debut Like You is how natural it plays despite the obvious effort taken with its construction. The eleven song release has impressive consistency and takes a similar fundamental approach to many entries while never …

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Cranky George – Nighttime

Cranky George – Nighttime  FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CrankyGeorgeMusic/  The first single from Cranky George’s debut full length delivers as intended. “Nighttime” is a vivid menagerie of sound and words that recalls the past without ever being its slave and lays down a bold new sound for the future informed by the past. …

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TnT Music – Pieces

TnT Music – Pieces  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TolbertToz  The story of TnT reflects, in a significant way, the evolution of composing music in a digital age. The duo features Tim Toz and Joy Tolbert collaborating on distinctly modern rock songs with solid choruses and melodic virtues. The two musicians first encountered each …

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Ian K

Ian K  URL: http://www.ian-k.com Ian K is a well-seasoned Canadian indie music artist that has played on some of the biggest stages to be found anywhere, and has had the good fortune to play alongside some of the big names in music in Canada, including members of Our Lady Peace, …

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The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review

The Retakes – Trash (EP) Review FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheRetakes Minneapolis natives The Retakes have released a new 4-track EP entitled Trash. The alternative punk rock band is comprised of members: vocalist Miles Halverson, Guitarist Casey Norman, vocalist and bassist Donnie Kirksey, and drummer Evan Floyd. Utilizing podcasts, static, radio station segments …

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