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Single Review: Albert Artis “I Feel Your Love”

Gospel is usually at its best when it’s removed from all of the frills and indulgences that can be found plentifully in the mainstream pop sphere, and for his new single and music video “I Feel Your Love,” singer and songwriter Albert Artis rightly gets us as far away from the commercial haze of pop as possible. It’s from this place that he can proclaim his love for God in all of its glory, and with a melodic disposition as strong as his is, making his point more than clear to listeners is just about as easy as our pressing the play button is.

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Artis is a man who moves with great elegance in the recording studio, and it doesn’t take more than a cursory examination of how he approaches every verse in this performance to understand why he’s becoming one of the more respected players in his scene at the moment. “I Feel Your Love” doesn’t just give us lyrical descriptions; it puts us right beside the heart of its lead vocalist, who isn’t scared of his emotions in the same way that some of his contemporaries have been, both in and outside of the gospel music genre.



You don’t have to be a particularly big fan of this style to get lost in the creative wit that is Albert Artis’ vocal in “I Feel Your Love,” but if you’re pickier than most when it comes to the gospel you’re going to play at home or in the car, this is a track that I would recommend taking a peek at. Artis is a lover and not a fighter in this performance, and if you’ve been in the need of some laid-back inspirational music, his is a brand that could be very addictive and appealing to scores of audiences everywhere this season.


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