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Single Review: Sun King Rising – No. 6 Magnolia Avenue

The long-awaited follow-up release to Sun King Rising’s Delta Tales album is finally here. Signs & Wonder looks to be John Blangero’, aka Sun King Rising’s most definitive work to date. And as a tasty treat, we get the first single release No. 6 Magnolia Avenue. This single is a plentitude of instrumentation and melodic expression. Reminiscent of early 70’s soul and jazz-rock in the likeness of Chicago, and Blood, Sweat & Tears, No. 6 Magnolia Avenue is a quick-tempo rocker that keeps audiences dancing, swaying, and jiving on this groove. As the verses exchange rhythmic approaches with the horn sections, the momentum of this track is consistently carried forth with gusto and an energetic dynamism that we have grown to expect from Sun King Rising.  What really makes this track attractive is the theatrical presentation which emanates from the speakers carrying visual imagery that pulls the listener in. Contrast all these colorful harmonies with John Blangero’s impressive baritone vocal performance and No. 6 Magnolia Avenue fits right alongside the contemporary artists it pays tribute to.

After a two-year hiatus, it is great to see Sun King Rising utilize his efforts to create such a full and evocative album, and with No. 6 Magnolia Avenue as the first release from this effort, it is sure to garner much attention within the music community. That being said, No. 6 Magnolia Avenue would make an impressive addition to any Soft Rock, Middle-Of-The-Road, and Adult Contemporary commercial radio playlist. The infectious melodies coupled with the intricate harmonies that are provided by the 5 piece band, make this track a sure hit on all available platforms. The production on No. 6 Magnolia Avenue is well-executed. With the baroque instrumentation filling many overtones, the separation of frequency allows this single to be delivered crisp and clear, and free of distortion at higher volumes, which in my opinion, is the only way to consume this track.

–Lee Callaghan

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