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Interview with Lavon Coates

Lavon Coates “Raise Her Right” (country) https://youtu.be/QxI6CAoGZRc   Press release: Sure, rising country singer-songwriter Lavon Coates can sing a pretty tune and strum along on his guitar. But the primary instrument he plucks upon is the heartstrings. The man from Loris, SC doesn’t fabricate adolescent yearnings or glean off trends. He lives …

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Interview: Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams “This Is It” (pop) https://youtu.be/Fey5nsLQzco   Here they are – the feel-good philosophers, the spiritual ciphers, the good-vibe guys – known as Neon Dreams. Formed by a group of self-proclaimed high school dropouts in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Neon Dreams is now an international sensation. With complete disregard for the …

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Interview: Chris Waters

Chris Waters “Road To Damascus” (rap) https://youtu.be/VlJuXy-pNOU Midway through the harrowing clip for “Road to Damascus” by Chris Waters, we’re shown a kid shattering a classroom window with the back of his skateboard. He’s running for his life, fleeing from a school that has become a death trap. The impending violence is only …

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Interview: Shane Palko & Mannie T’Chawi

Shane Palko and Mannie T’Chawi “Blood” (singer-songwriter) https://youtu.be/C8tCAgrlIqc Shane Palko and Mannie T’Chawi “Fathers” (spoken word) https://youtu.be/l_OCXJXuNG4   To confront the legacy of racism in America, we need more than pretty words. We need voices in dialogue — truth-telling voices from brave people willing to ask and answer hard questions. Shane …

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