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Interview: The Stolen

  The Stolen: August 28th interview at Gamechanger World in Howell, New Jersey.   Hailing from New Jersey, The Stolen is a five-member band that was formed in 2005. Before their home-show set, Music Existence sat down with band members Dom Cuce (vocals), Rob Chiarappa (guitarist and vocals), Mikey McDonald …

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An Interview with Foreign Beggars about City Hack

The City Hack campaign, sponsored by Desperados and in conjunction with dance/urban big hitter UKF, has this summer been looking for the brightest creative talents at putting on and running events in the UK.  With three finalist teams (each made up of a DJ, a promoter, a graphic designer, and a visual artist) from three different cities selected …

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Interview With Space Apaches

Space Apaches are a humorous and clever bunch from the Asheville, North Carolina area. They are mostly known as studio musicians working with each other and fellow artists to produce tracks, but every now and then, they get together and create music as Space Apaches. The tunes never disappoint. The band …

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The Saving Grace of Rock – An Interview with Bridge To Grace: “[The radio station] went from Slipknot to Justin Bieber, and we were like, ‘What!?’”

There’s nothing like the cavity-inducing sound of pop music blasting from the radio to make you ponder if rock is truly dead. After all, if the life of music is directly correlated to the number of plays per hour a DJ spins, then rock would be buried six feet under …

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Interview With Jelani Lateef

Jelani Lateef has built up quite a following in the Chicago hip-hop scene. His latest album, Cold Days and Dark Nights is a tremendously personal effort that sees Lateef graduate from artist to artist/producer. After the hardships he has encountered over the previous few years, Lateef launched his own company, Manhood …

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A Star in the Making – An Interview with December Rose: “You know when you find that ‘soul mate’ and you say that this is my better half? Music was that to me.”

What makes a person a star? It was a question Canadian singer December Rose didn’t really contemplate when she submitted her entry for the 2012 MakeAStar competition, but it was a question the judges seem to feel she had the answer to. Hailing from the generation that grew up to …

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