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Interview with Echo Black

New York’s own Echo Black spent some time with Music Existence after their set in Webster Hall for a fun interview, discussing everything from musical influences, the evolution of their musical style, and the biggest difficulty of being a touring musician. Coming together earlier this year as Echo Black, the …

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Interview with Kylle Reece of Demon in Me: “If you’re in a band, keep going; believe in it; it’s worth it.”

Earlier this month, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Kylle Reece released “Sink or Swim,” the latest single from his most recent project, a hard-edged alternative rock quintet known as Demon in Me. The song has earned the band solid reception upon its release, its elegiac and heartrending lyrical content resonating with countless listeners. …

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Interview with Nothing More: “I think the biggest thing we learned was musically, our path – the direction we were already heading – was the direction we needed to keep going….”

  The last year-and-a-half may have felt like whirlwind for alternative rock band, Nothing More, but if there’s any band that proves perseverance pays off, it’s them. Success didn’t come easy, however, and years of a DIY existence pushed the band to the edge, but it was the challenges of …

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Dallas Musician Gives Back to Aspiring Artists through The Sound Foundation: An Interview with TSF Artist, The Pröjekt

The saying goes, “Those who can’t do, teach,” but for Murder FM front man, Norman Matthew, teaching is just another part of the job. In 2013, the Dallas musician created The Sound Foundation, a bonafide “School of Rock” where music lessons and album release shows replace math classes and drama …

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Rock Photographer and L.A. Musicians Team Up to Fight Homelessness through Music: An Interview with Screaming At Demons

Homelessness isn’t an easily distinguishable characteristic like height or skin tone, but it is a reality that more than 3.5 million people currently face. With one in seven at risk, homelessness comes in various shapes and styles, an idea famed rock photographer, Nigel Skeet, kept in mind as he took to …

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