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Apothecary Raincoat drops futuristic project “Science Scription (Side A)”

Fresh off the heels of his February release “CHARACTER”, Apothecary Raincoat is back with a new project. But this time, the release strategy is looking a bit different.

His latest project is titled “Science Scription (side a)” and will be available to stream exclusively on YouTube. When asked about skipping the major steaming platforms, Apothecary did not mince words, “I have been doing Apothecary Raincoat music for a couple years now, and financially speaking, the streaming services have been garbage.” Apothecary continues, “Spotify pays less than 1/8 of a penny per stream. And it just sucks that I’ve seen the streaming success (Apothecary’s most popular track “Resolution” has amassed 80,000 streams on the platform) “but after revenue splits, I’ve barely made enough to buy a nice dinner.”

But his disappointment with streaming platforms has not stopped Apothecary Raincoat from embarking on perhaps the most adventurous project of his career. “Science Scription (side a)” is the beginning of a Sci-Fi inspired story, where Apothecary falls through a black hole and is transported to a new world where robots seem to be running the show. And if Chapter One (Intro) is any indication, they will not be friendly toward Apothecary…

Check out “Science Scription (side a)” on YouTube on April 3rd at 5pm Eastern. And be sure to follow Apothecary Raincoat on Facebook and Instagram.

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