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Australia’s Royal Chant hits back with latest single “Blunt Force Drama”

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Watch “Blunt Force Drama” HERE

Today, Australian alternative pop band “Royal Chant” have released their latest single, Blunt Force Trauma, a song that pushes back on the current state of society.

“The title “Blunt Force Drama” was inspired by the Australian news headlines, with many NRL (National Rugby League) players refusing to wear special jerseys for gay-pride week due to their right-wing, evangelical beliefs, which seemed a bit absurd and hypocritical seeing as how they have alcohol and gambling sponsors all over their attire and there are frequent scandals involving illicit drug use, drunken brawls, and domestic violence among their professional ranks.

It all just seemed silly and melodramatic from a pack of overpaid professional meatheads so we leaned into the absurdity and drew from some of our high school memories of the stereotypical aggression displayed by jocks towards outcasts and music geeks. There are a few lines in the lyrics that reference those origins (“that strange look in your eye”, “rising panic, you can’t tell me why”, “scared of pride”,etc etc). That strain certainly hums throughout the tune as it veers between the specific and universal struggle of everyday human existence which is often what we seem to be wrestling with in an RC song. But mostly it’s just a banging tune that we hope people enjoy and have some sort of flicker of emotion.” – Mark Spence

15 years. 9 albums. Royal Chant get around. Royal Chant (often abbreviated as RC) is an Australian indie rock band formed in 2009 in the small coastal town of Port Macquarie. The band has made frequent personnel changes over the years but has always maintained the presence of founder and principal songwriter & singer/guitarist Mark Spence. Taking his initial songwriting cues from Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Robert Pollard, Shane MacGowan, & Michael Stipe, Royal Chant’s extensive songbook contains trace elements of Sonic Youth, GBV, the early proto-punk of Idlewild, countless anonymous B-sides from one-hit-wonders, and anything with heart, a good melody, and plenty of overdriven kick all thrown together over the years into a fuzz-box blender and fused with a blue-collar work ethic, good manners, and an odd penchant for trying their best to be polite and on time.

The current line-up consists of Mark on guitar/baritone guitar & vocals and Wade Mobbs behind the drums, with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist James Carthew remaining a contributing member of the band both on record and on stage despite living in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the U-S-of-A. The band is hard at work finding the perfect fuzz tone for their 10th studio LP, “Be Your Own Boss”, set for launch in September 2024. 

Stream “Blunt Force Drama” HERE.


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