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XTR HUMAN Goes Raw & Relentless With The New Album, ‘Schrank’


April 26th, 2024XTR HUMAN has announced the new, highly-anticipated album, Schrank to be released on Negative Gain Productions on May 17th.

Born in fire and tempered in the bat caves and warehouse raves of Berlin, Johannes Stabel brings a leather-wrapped hammer to gothic nightlife. Amidst the burnt strobes and grime-soaked venues, Stabel reigns supreme as a Don, unleashing a torrent of raw emotion and relentless energy with Schrank, the fourth installment in XTR HUMAN‘s discography.

His deeply rich and arresting vocals herald back to the dark romance of ‘80s legends, while a mere flex of his fists send brvtal blasts of bass scurrying, emotional coldwave terminated beneath a furioso of modernized hardbody EBM beats that put the Schwarz in Schwarzenegger.

Schrank emerges as a bold declaration, fearlessly challenging prejudices and inspiring individuals to embrace their inner strength while pursuing their aspirations. It serves as a powerful catalyst, igniting introspection and propelling listeners into action.

Don’t miss out on this monumental release, brought to you by Negative Gain Productions and Wie ein Gott Records. Mark your calendars for May 17, 2024, and prepare to dive into the abyss with XTR HUMAN’s Schrank will be available on vinyl and CD formats and digitally on all major platforms including Spotify and Bandcamp.


Check out the video for “Neid” HERE:

But the new album in the USA & Europe HERE:


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