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Active Rock outfit Scarlet View release “The Chase”

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Watch “The Chase” HERE.

Today active rock outfit Scarlet View released their latest single, The Chase – a fun, upbeat, sexy, rock n roll song about fast cars and girls, while also holding serious undertones about chasing your aspirations in life. 

“We aim to make uplifting, motivational tracks that people can relate to. “The Chase” can be taken at face value as an expression of joy, adrenaline and general sauciness… but also as a deeper anthem for those who refuse to quit chasing their dreams and aspirations regardless of the trying circumstances. “So addicted to the pain…So addicted to the way it feels” in the chorus symbolizes the appreciation of our lowest lows, in recognition that the pendulum will soon swing again with great upward momentum.

We appreciate hard times and struggles as they can be used to mentally strengthen ourselves and teach resilience. We filmed the video at a dirt racetrack Southeast of KCMO- Valley Speedway. The story of the video shows an aspiring race car driver watching his idol speed around the track, making mistakes but moving forward- and sometimes sideways- with perseverance. The onlooker fires up his own race car halfway through the video as he actualizes the reality coming true before him- after years and years of the work nobody sees on the surface. Special thanks to Valley Speedway, Dennis Shrout, Dan Schmidt, Brad McDonald and Show-Me Vintage Racing and ARC Media for making this video possible!” – Scarlet View

Scarlet View is a High-Octane Rock band from Kansas City, MO. Scarlet View recently teamed up with Fire From the Gods’ Richie Wicander (Producer, Chief Audio Engineer, BMG, Co-Writer), AJ Channer (Co-Writer, Audio Pariah Ent) and Robbie Joyner (Audio Engineer, Black Book Sound) to record six songs that showcase the band’s new sound, one that inspires people to rise to life’s challenges while looking good doing it. In 2022, Scarlet View performed on Sumerian Record’s “No Cover” in front of legends including Alice Cooper and Lzzy Hale. The show’s judges gave the band invaluable advice on image, sound, and delivery. Last year, Scarlet View dropped its debut single “NEVER COMIN DOWN” which generated their first FM radio presence, and ultimately set the momentum and tone for what was to come. The band has been cultivating an undeniable chemistry with audiences across the US with their high-energy, debauchery filled live performances.

Stream “The Chase” HERE.

Photo: ARC Media – Audrey Rose Chappell CONNECT WITH SCARLET VIEW:

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