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New Music from Ergo,Bria EP called “Money”

The Upcoming artist Ergo, Bria is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, session musician, and producer currently based in Nashville, Tennessee where she graduated from Belmont University as a Singer/Songwriting degree. Bria strives to break the typical barriers of an artist because of her unique voice and style choices. Ergo,Bria has been mentioned …

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Mala Frank Unveils Powerful Single “That’s Bad, Right?”

Mala Frank, the enigmatic singer-songwriter known for her independent spirit and soul-stirring music, just released her latest single, “That’s Bad, Right?” This eagerly anticipated track promises to captivate listeners with its raw emotion and honest storytelling.  As a multi-talented artist, Mala Frank not only writes and composes all her music but also …

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Apothecary Raincoat drops futuristic project “Science Scription (Side A)”

Fresh off the heels of his February release “CHARACTER”, Apothecary Raincoat is back with a new project. But this time, the release strategy is looking a bit different. His latest project is titled “Science Scription (side a)” and will be available to stream exclusively on YouTube. When asked about skipping …

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New Single Release (Music Video) Divine Martyr: ‘Absolution.’

DIVINE MARTYR, the United States symphonic power metal ministers have released the official music video for the song “Absolution”.Divine Martyr is a Symphonic Power/ Prog Rock/ Metal band based out of the Indianapolis metro area. Lyrically the band writes about both positive-themed and Christian-themed topics ranging from marginalization, depression/suicide, fear, …

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Chicago Artist, Aquee, shoots video for hit song Rumor in Paris

Aquee Easley is a talented rapper, songwriter, and producer who was born and raised on the South-side of Chicago. The Rumor rapper is best known for his album “His Report Card” which was released in Fall 2023 and received great fan recognition and interest from music industry professionals. His core …

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Music EDM video Ken Kansky / J3tsam 9

In an audacious sonic voyage that transcends the boundaries of conventional EDM, Ken Kansky presents “J3tsam,” a 9-track EDM Audio Book that artfully intertwines music with the spoken word. Nestled within this mesmerizing auditory journey is the soothing narration of Lucia Jones, a voice that provides an anchor for the kaleidoscopic musical tapestry woven by Kansky. …

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