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Single Review: Harmony Dreamers “I Come From Earth”

When Harmony Dreamers debuted their album I Come From Earth, it was already met with great appreciation and interest. Their first single, the title track, I Come From Earth demonstrates where this interest was founded. A 20-piece choir backing a vast, expressive ensemble of instrumentation and vocal harmonies coupled with intricate musical metaphor and we have a collection of artists who came together to create beautifully, thought-provoking, and escapism in music. What is being declared as “Ultra-melodic, Rich in cultured harmonies, gorgeous orchestrations, and gentle psychedelia”,  Harmony Dreamers checks all these boxes with this release. “Hey, where do you come from? I Come From Earth”, a poignant reflection of the witty response one gives when asked where you come from, and as a contemplation of the vast origins of the entire ensemble of singers and players within Harmony Dreamers, it is an articulate response to the global phenomenon of music and its connectedness. I Come From Earth revolves around a steady pedaling pulse which is explored with comprehension at each passing cadence, it is this steady groove that gives this track its appeal. At first reaction, this beat is rather simple and lacks any sort of artistic movement, yet that could not be further from the actuality, as the track grows in complexity so do the subtle enunciations of musical ideas and concepts. As the concepts grow and each player enters the fray we are left with a jazzy, multi-layered approach to a wonderful piece of music.

Harmony Dreamers have created a collection of very talented performers, bringing together many cultures, ideas, and values. Combining all these elements makes this band very worthy of our attention, and appreciation. With the clever and insightful lyrical structures to the diverse musically, this is a project that should be consumed in a live setting. It is the full production, of course, that should really be focussed on as well. The collection of sounds, timbres, and voices each containing an assemblage of overtones should sound muddy and confused, yet this project has achieved a perfect separation of frequencies that allows all these overtones to ring out crisp and clear. I Come From Earth is a very enjoyable track and one that entices many listeners, as each listen presents a new nuance which was overlooked on previous sessions. As more singles are forthcoming from the I Come From Earth album, I am very interested to join the experience which is Harmony Dreamers.

–Lee Callaghan

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