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Single Review: Ralph Curtis – Man You Want Me To Be

Straight from the very heart, Ralph Curtis sings with such gusto on “Man You Want Me To Be.” The arrangement is kept relatively subdued. Vocals stretch upwards and onwards, with a sense of self-reflection that is so distinct. Guitar work features elegance to it. Rhythms have a pastoral beauty about them, and the harmony seemingly wafts up into the sky. With a true sense of reverence for the wide-open spaces of the American west, the song sprawls out in all ways. The lyrics certainly have a meditative quality to them.

Right from the beginning of the song, the affection becomes readily apparent. By pouring his heart out, the entirety of the work has a kindness about it – certainly a straightforward quality. Instruments here enter into the fray. The song has a quietness to it, evolving in a careful, considered way. Over the course of the track, the sound’s volume has a sweetness. The affectionate aspect is absolutely outstanding, with the final stretch tying it all together.

“Man You Want Me To Be” exhibits Ralph Curtis’ first-rate musicianship, that’s absolutely inescapable.

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