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Ry Mohon – Ry2k

Ry Mohon – Ry2k FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ry-Mohon-1549701441995989/ Talk about a nobody, Ry Mohon’s social media count is slim to none, Twitter and Facebook being in about the 100’s, has got a long way to go. Santa Fe, New Mexico where he did call home, now he stays in Boston, Massachusetts, still …

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Album Review. Cinders

  Cinders is certainly making a splash on their self titled debut album. From start to finish the band has put together an LP that some veteran artists can’t even come close to. “Dog Heart” kicks off the whole experience, and if the title sounds a bit strange to you, …

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Album Review: The World to Come – The Cartesian

With their latest release, The Cartesian, progressive metalcore outfit The World to Come demonstrate a fascinating focus on ruthless grit combined with airy tone. The band takes clear inspiration from multiple genres including grindcore, prog rock, mathcore, and copious other styles which has given them a distinct sound that is …

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Album Review: Alter Bridge – The Last Hero

It’s been three years and two side projects since Alter Bridge’s Fortress hit the airwaves, but the wait for a new album is finally coming to an end this Friday, October 7th. The Last Hero, has been percolating over the fires of the current political climate. Its imagery is saturated with 1940’s war-time …

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Cranky George – Fat Lot of Good

Cranky George – Fat Lot of Good  FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CrankyGeorgeMusic/  The fourteen songs on Cranky George’s full length debut, Fat Lot of Good, show off the risk-taking and musical expertise you expect from the release going in. However, listeners likely won’t expect that the album’s songwriting does such a clear-eyed job …

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Album Review: Yellowcard- Yellowcard

Yellowcard’s self-titled final album is unequivocally just that—a final album. From its heartfelt lyrics thanking fans for their dedication, to its tendency to linger on the final notes of every song, this is an album that says goodbye. It feels perfected and put together, as if they have ensured this …

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