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Single Review: “Good Lovin” Samantha Gibb

Let’s go back, press rewind / Or maybe that’s just all a waste of time / The past and the present won’t see eye-to-eye / You live your life, and I’ll live mine,” Samantha Gibb tells us in a string of her most memorable verses from the new single “Good Lovin’,” the strength of her emotions audible to anyone within earshot of the harmony she’s forming with the instrumentation. With her voice and a collection of intelligently arranged words, this poet and songwriter is cutting right to the core with her new single and getting the kind of accolades from her peers that many spend years trying to attain.

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Where others might have lusted after this beat as a means of extending the catharsis on the other side of the chorus, I really like how Gibb is reticent to expose the fever pitch in “Good Lovin’” at first, as if she knows that the release of tension won’t be nearly as enamoring as the build-up is. She’s very good at controlling both the mood and the structure of the narrative with the tempo, which is ironic considering how much power she can wield with her voice alone. It’s elaborate, but not the indulgent mess a lot of pop music is at the moment.



Samantha Gibb seems intent on setting the bar pretty high for both herself as well as those who also call her scene their own with the release of “Good Lovin’” this summer, and if you haven’t been listening to her work or following her campaign, this is a track that is going to get you very interested in what she has to say. Call it an era for singer/songwriters as you will, but in the crowd of new talents out right now, this is one of the best I’ve encountered lately.


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