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Show Review: Diogo Piçarra at Sagres Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal 04.20.24

Diogo Piçarra, the talented artist who won Portuguese Idol 12 years ago, has come a long way. The shy guy stepping onto stage from those days has transformed into a true idol with a devoted fan base, consistently selling out venues. The show for his latest studio album, SNTMNTL1, kicked off on April 13th, with the Campo Pequeno concert, that I attended, being the second show on the tour. ​

It’s been some time since I saw Piçarra live and this was the first time I saw him perform in an arena setting. The other shows I have attended have been mostly open air or last years acoustic tour performed throughout smaller theaters around Portugal. So I was quite excited to see him in such a fantastic setting and impressed how fantastic the show, and its production, turned out to be.

As the audience eagerly awaited his appearance, they began singing, urging the artist to take the stage. The show started with a backdrop screen featuring Diogo Piçarra’s reflections on the challenges the world faces with AI. Despite technological advancements, he emphasized that emotions remain an integral part of what makes us Human. Throughout the performance, futuristic scenarios and robots highlighted this duality. The stage was complete with its backdrop screens, ramps, fireworks, dancers, and not forgetting all the talented musicians who have been part of Piçarra’s team from the beginning, including the magnificent, Filipe Cabeçadas, on drums, Xico Aragão on guitars, keyboards and Miguel Santos on bass.

The setlist included major hits like “Não te Odeio,” “Dialeto,” and “Tu e Eu”—the latter being his first single from the platinum album Espelho (2015). Diogo Piçarra seamlessly blended these familiar songs with tracks from SNTMNTL, occasionally inviting guest performers on stage. What surprised me most was the unwavering engagement of the audience. They sang along enthusiastically, proving that the mix of new and classic songs kept their excitement alive throughout the show. Piçarra’s rendition of “The Kill” by Thirty Seconds to Mars was nothing short of brilliant. His unique value as a singer and performer shone through once again. Perhaps I’m biased, but I believe he’s truly exceptional.

Piçarra’s venture into electronic music represents a significant shift. Few Portuguese artists explore this genre, making it a bold move. Despite these changes, the show maintained Piçarra’s artistic identity, appealing to a diverse audience ranging from age 7 to 70.

Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, I encourage you to experience Diogo Piçarra’s music—it might just surprise you!



      ·  Não Te Odeio  

      ·  Teu

      ·  Dialeto

      ·  Já Não Falamos

      ·  Coração

      ·  Até ao fim

      ·  Saída de Emergência

      ·  Sabesamar (with Jura)  

      ·  Anjos

      ·  Paraquedas (with Sofía Martín)

      ·  Escuro

      ·  A Nossa Rua

      ·  Trevo (ANAVITÓRIA cover)

      ·  História

      ·  Tu e Eu

      ·  Underwater (with Van Zee)

      ·  Nós Os Dois

      ·  The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars & Kanye West cover)

      ·  Paraíso

      ·  Amor de Ferro (with Pedro Abrunhosa)

      ·  Há Sempre Uma Música


      ·  Monarquia (with Bispo)

      ·  Sorriso

      You can also check the show recap here – DIOGO PIÇARRA @ SAGRES CAMPO PEQUENO 20.04.2024 [RESUMO] (youtube.com)

      1. SNTMNTL is SENTIMENTAL without the vowels ↩︎

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