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Single Review: Bonnie Milne’s “Stolen Night Sky”

Bonnie Milne’s “Stolen Night Sky” is a compelling example of classical composition infused with contemporary elements, making it a standout piece in her growing repertoire. The track, a tapestry woven with emotional depth and complexity, showcases Milne’s bold foray into the integration of percussion, a new dimension in her typically piano-centric oeuvre.

The piece begins with a somber piano melody that immediately sets a reflective tone, suggesting the night sky’s vastness and the hidden depths beneath its beauty. The addition of Dave Hewitt’s percussion enriches the texture, introducing a heartbeat-like rhythm that pulses through the composition. This rhythmic foundation does not merely accompany; it dialogues with the piano, adding gravitas and a dynamic flow that moves the listener through waves of emotional intensity.

Cellist Kevin Fox and violinist/fiddler Shane Guse offer more than mere accompaniment. Their strings weave through the piano and percussion with countermelodies that are both haunting and soothing, reflecting the thematic elements of betrayal and deception Milne aims to convey. The minor scales and the interplay of ascending and descending lines between the piano and violin create a dance of shadow and light, mimicking the complex emotions one navigates when faced with duplicity.

The recording quality, captured by Nixon Boyd on the resonant Bosendorfer Piano, ensures that each nuance is felt, from the softest touch of the piano keys to the most resonant cello note.

Overall, “Stolen Night Sky” is a masterful blend of classical sensibilities with modern experimental touches that make it accessible and profoundly moving. It is a piece that not only showcases Milne’s evolution as a composer but also speaks to the universal experiences of deception and the search for solace and understanding through music.

–Tony Thomas

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