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Single Review: Ashes To Omens – “Feed Me More”

Following a short break in 2022, Ashes to Omens is back. The Athens, Georgia five-piece is known for blending grunge-inspired vocal grit with tinges of nu metal and southern groove, as demonstrated on their debut album, Black Boxes, the previous year. Now, they’ve expanded their sound. Their latest single, “Feed Me More”, the first of three to be released in the coming months, takes the framework they’ve established over a five-year period and incorporates elements of post-hardcore, and the results are exceptional.

Just one listen to the opening riff and it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve heard numerous similar variations, and somehow, the right sequence of notes is enough to earn a further listen, regardless of its placement in the song. While the opening guitar riff exhibits some tonal familiarity off the bat, it’s refreshing to hear the band’s sound in a faster context, and I like how their subtle, metal-based harmonics add variation alongside the additional lead accompaniment. During the verses, the low end from the double bass drum kicks comes through on each line, and the snares have a distinct snap about them. Once the chorus hits, that’s where the vocals shine the most, as well as drive home the song’s darker thematic standpoint – being in a relationship that’s demonstrably abusive on both ends, yet the sheer thrill of each other’s actions makes it all but impossible to pull away from entirely. Even amidst the intensity of the instrumentation, and noticeable, complementary grit, the harmonies sound unabashedly pop, complete with catchy gang vocals that chant the title of the chorus.

By the remainder of the song, the rapid pace of the drums works well in supporting the final verse, although a standalone breakdown in this setting, without vocals and just before the verse, would have worked just as well. Given the constraints of a single’s length, though, it makes sense that they’d condense the involvement to that effect.

Overall, “Feed Me More” is a competent track representative of where Ashes to Omens is in their career – at an apex while still exuding plenty of drive to be fortified – and undeterred – by future challenges. They have overcome much tribulation over half a decade together, and this is only the beginning glimpse of their showcasing the full extent of their stylistic and thematic expansion. Their uncompromising, raw approach remains their strongest asset, and I look forward to how it will be utilized on subsequent singles.

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