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Cain Miller

Cain Miller is an aspiring writer who hopes to work his way up and gain notoriety for his material. Having written about film, television, music, and sports, Cain is always looking to gain as much experience as he can and continue to improve his writing abilities.

Album Review: Late Night Fights-Jousthouse

With their debut album Jousthouse, Minneapolis trio Late Night Fights are hoping to craft a name for themselves in the modern hard rock scene. For this project, the band have aimed to encapsulate the grittiness of grunge while also giving their music a more relevant approach in order to catch …

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Album Review: Burning Point -The Blaze

Finnish metal act Burning Point have returned with another full length record, The Blaze, to add to their growing collection of releases that date back to the early 2000’s. With heavy influences from the more classic metal eras like the 1970’s-80’s, Burning Point are known for their purist hard rock …

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Album Review: Brine – Kill the Ill

Post-punk revival band, Brine, have jumped onto the music scene with their full length debut, Kill the Ill. While their roots remain heavily in post-punk, Brine have developed a project that combines a hefty amount of influences throughout its productions, which is sure to please a wide variety of listeners. …

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EP Review: Sirens Over Sumeria – Omelas

With their self-titled full length debut making its mark last year, progressive metal quartet Sirens Over Sumeria have made a quick return with the EP Omelas. The band’s debut was impressively ambitious and offered a substantial amount of promise for their future. With Sirens of Sumeria making such a quick …

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Track Review: Feyer – I Just Don’t Know

For his debut single, synthpop artist Feyer delivers with the creative “I Just Don’t Know.” Before this track’s release, Feyer has mainly focused on various covers including the likes of John Lennon and David Bowie, and while Feyer admittedly did a nice job of producing these renditions, it is undoubtedly …

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Album Review: Starchitect – Shift

Ukrainian metal act Starchitect have began making a name for themselves in the recent prog metal scene and their latest release, Shift, is a good indicator as to why. On the surface, Starchitect might come across as a run of the mill progressive rock group whose sound mainly consists of …

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Album Review: The World to Come – The Cartesian

With their latest release, The Cartesian, progressive metalcore outfit The World to Come demonstrate a fascinating focus on ruthless grit combined with airy tone. The band takes clear inspiration from multiple genres including grindcore, prog rock, mathcore, and copious other styles which has given them a distinct sound that is …

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Album Review: Opeth – Sorceress

Progressive metal outfit Opeth have put together one of the most impressive resumes in modern hard rock. With absolute essentials like Blackwater Park, Deliverance, and Damnation, Opeth have gained notoriety for their blend of death metal, black metal, progressive rock, folk, and many other styles of music along the way. …

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