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Cain Miller

Cain Miller is an aspiring writer who hopes to work his way up and gain notoriety for his material. Having written about film, television, music, and sports, Cain is always looking to gain as much experience as he can and continue to improve his writing abilities.

Album Review: The World to Come – The Cartesian

With their latest release, The Cartesian, progressive metalcore outfit The World to Come demonstrate a fascinating focus on ruthless grit combined with airy tone. The band takes clear inspiration from multiple genres including grindcore, prog rock, mathcore, and copious other styles which has given them a distinct sound that is …

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Album Review: Opeth – Sorceress

Progressive metal outfit Opeth have put together one of the most impressive resumes in modern hard rock. With absolute essentials like Blackwater Park, Deliverance, and Damnation, Opeth have gained notoriety for their blend of death metal, black metal, progressive rock, folk, and many other styles of music along the way. …

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EP Review: Excellion – Unsean

With a unique blend of prog metal and metalcore, Mexican quartet Excellion have come through with an interesting blend of heavy and technical material in their latest EP Unsean. With this project, Excellion has given themselves a platform to put together their genre-mixing style which should catch the ears of …

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Album Review: Hydrogen Skyline-Photovoltaic

Electronic pop trio Hydrogen Skyline have returned with their third full-length LP Photovoltaic which continues to include their heavy emphasis on pleasant vocals and unique mixes of instrumentation. The first thing that really stands out about this band is there versatile transition from one genre to another. At times the …

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Album Review: Alteras – Grief

Ohio-based rock band Alteras will be making their debut for Revival Recordings with their full length album Grief. With a style based in post-hardcore, Alteras, consisting of Jake Classen, Jordan Woolley, Mike Dulay, Zack Orr, and Seth Donchess, are known for their metal-influenced instrumentation and mix of clean and screamed …

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EP Review: Heirsound – Merge

After releasing several music videos in the last few months in preparation for their first EP, alternative pop band Heirsound have now compiled a set of six tracks for their official release, Merge. The duo, consisting of Alexa San Roman and Dane Petersen, have devoted their entire EP to tracks …

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