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Interview: Moscow

Hailing from Russia, Moscow is an emerging rock singer who has hopes of making a name for herself in the L.A. music scene. Taking influences from hard rock, glam metal, and post-hardcore, Moscow carries a diverse range of music tastes and she looks to incorporate these many facets into her artistry. Having brought in experienced vets of the music industry to work on her first single “Queen of Sin”, Moscow is already gaining traction for her work. Moscow went on to film the music video for her debuting track at the notable Whisky a Go Go nightclub, which proves that she is a true artist on the rise. Here, Moscow offered some insight towards what the creative process was like behind her song, as well as what is next for her as a performer.

1. In your debut single “Queen of Sin” you’ve said that the meaning behind the song is that it’s ultimately up to a person’s own instincts to determine what is right and wrong. What was the inspiration behind writing a song with this message?

Moscow: I’ve always been interested in philosophy and psychology – the human brain is the biggest mystery and a magnet for me. When someone asks me what is my biggest fear, I say my own mind. I have always digged deeper and deeper inside it, to the darkest places one has ever been. When it comes to religion, which is a part of philosophy at the end of the day, I’m an adherent of Nietzsche, Lao Tzu, and Antoin LaVey. I am inspired by them but I have my own head on my shoulders and am capable of making decisions that work and speak to me the most. I know and strongly believe that you come into this world alone and you leave it alone, so you are the destination. Spend every day and every second making yourself better, happier. Stop living in fear of future punishment. Live now and live your life.

2. Looking at your bio, you are quite a well-traveled artist. You’ve lived in areas such as Paris, London, Los Angeles, and New York. How have your travels affected your artistry?

Moscow: I would say my travels affected me mainly, which of course reflects in my artistry. Living in such different countries, interacting with different people and mentalities opens up your own mind a lot – you can compare, you can observe and absorb a lot of things.

3. You’ve said that there was something special about Los Angeles that made you specifically want to pursue your music in that area. What was it that drew you to L.A.?

Moscow: Los Angeles was a dream city I read about in the biographies of all my favourite bands. It was always something so alluring and untouchable, so the moment I arrived, I felt like I was finally home. It’s the whole vibe of the city I guess, I just love absolutely everything about it. I’ve traveled around the world, living in different capitals, but L.A. is the only place I can call home.

4. Was there a specific moment where you officially decided that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Moscow: I can’t think of a specific moment when I realized I wanted to be a musician. I’ve always been a performer my entire life – the live show is a big part of me. Music is my best friend and has always been my escape. Combine two of those together – being a musician was the only choice.

5. Who are some of your influences in the music industry? Is there any performer that you specifically look up to and try to model you music after?

Moscow: Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Slade, Sweet, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, you name it. But never have I created ‘heroes’ or ‘idols’ for myself. The only one I look up to is what I love calling ‘the better version of myself’ – this ultimate goal that I can move towards on a daily basis.

6. Is there a current artist that would be a dream collaboration for you?

Moscow: Honestly, I have quite a long ‘to do’ list when it comes to working with artists I love, be it recording, writing, or performing together. I’m not going to be satisfied until I cross every single name off my list.

7. You’ve mentioned that you want to add an influence of post-hardcore into your music. What is it about the post-hardcore genre that interests you? Have you always been fascinated with that genre of music?

Moscow: I love all different genres. I’m friends with lots of post-hardcore bands like Falling in Reverse, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, etc. That got me into it. I enjoy doing songs in this genre and maybe going to have some collaborations with some other artists from it, but I love rock whether it’s nu-metal like Papa Roach, glam like Motley Crue, or soft rock like Foreigner. I’m gonna do what I feel like in the moment.

8. You have brought on the likes of Shawn McGhee and Brian Steele-Medina to help produce your first single. What was it like to work with such experienced individuals?

Moscow: When I first got introduced to Shawn and Brian via email, we were all on the same page. In a week, I was in the studio in Vegas writing and recording in the fastest mode possible. I’m planning on coming back to the studio to finish the album as soon as possible. They better have missed me. 😉

9. What was it like filming the music video for “Queen of Sin”?

Moscow: I love working fast, and I expect everyone around to be on the same speed. If I don’t have at least 10 things to accomplish in a day, I get frustrated. Luckily, I met Rage, my music video director, and we started shooting in a week. I insisted on having the music video shot at the infamous Whisky a Go Go – the iconic place where rock lived, still lives, and will live on.

10. Besides performing, what are your other interests? Do you have any hobbies?

Moscow: As I mentioned earlier, philosophy and psychology are my passion. I’m also an artist – when I have time, I can spend a couple of days in the zone, painting. I make customized t-shirts and clothing pieces – currently working on a limited handmade customized pieces of my merchandise – they’re gonna be out soon. Oh, and not to forget, I have to master my pick-up skills a couple of times a week. There are no limits to perfection, they say.

11. Now that you have released your single, what’s next for you in your career? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Moscow: We’re playing a showcase at the Whisky a Go Go on February 6th with some special guests. Let’s see where this journey takes me. All I can say now is I’m here and I’m not planning on going quietly!

12. Lastly, is there a specific goal that you have set for yourself as a musician?

Moscow: To improve daily. This is not as much of a musician goal but more just a general human being one – perfect yourself, improve yourself, grow.

You can find the official video for “Queen of Sin” below:


You can find Moscow on Twitter here.

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