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Album Review: Super Snake – Leap of Love

For their debut album Leap of Love, New Jersey hard rockers Super Snake have assembled a rhythmic ride that draws inspiration from many different genres. Super Snake are a talented group of musicians looking to incorporate several different facets of rock into one cohesive project. In Leap of Love, the band is certainly firing on all cylinders in their attempt to make an ambitious work of psychedelic rock.

The distorted beginning of the title track kicks off the album and everything from this point on becomes a twisted ride of passion. The crunch behind the rhythm guitars paired with Jerry Jones’ gruff vocals gives the track a grimy aesthetic, though the production remains impressive enough so that listeners can carefully make out every instrumental detail. The track eventually reaches an impressive breakdown which presents an even dirtier, sludgier style. The campier, darkly comedic elements might draw comparisons to the likes of Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson, though the almost experimental breakdown is almost similar to the likes of progressive metal band Giant Squid. The second track “Lie4u” mixes in some blues to their psychedelic vibes which gives them a similar sound to Queens of the Stone Age. While listening, you feel as if you’re lost out in the desert and this album is the only thing available to quench your thirst. It’s a blistering song that is especially heightened by the incredible lead guitar work towards the very end. Track three “Hot Pavement” continues this sick, twisted ride through the sandy dunes and will leave you with the lingering taste of cactus. The high pitched guitars and thudding rhythm sections offer more Queens of the Stone Age comparisons, though Super Snake provide a dark yet slightly humorous tone to their sound that makes it unique in their own right.

Track four “Spirit Cave” is a slower track closer to the stoner metal genre. This track trudges along at its own pace, though it then develops into an explosion of sounds right around the 4:10 mark. The inclusion of keyboards into the already heavy sound alludes more to the previously mentioned Giant Squid comparison. The tracks “Sister Margaret” and Dreamcoated” will continue to satisfy fans of blues rock while still spitting enough venom to catch the attention of heavier music junkies. The latter track features especially solid percussion that builds up to a roaring climax. Track eleven “Big Seize” is definitely the most radio friendly moment on the project. It’s a shorter, more accessible song though it still carries that dirty sound that was present on the rest of the album and manages to summarize the band’s strengths in all of its four minutes. For those who are only looking for a taste of what Super Snake has to offer, this track is a good place to start.

Leap of Love is perfect for fans of gritty, almost creepy blues rock but the album has some notable setbacks. Clocking it at just over an hour, the album’s length might make listeners hesitant knowing that it will be a longer listen. The album occasionally feels its length, particularly on songs like “ Too Late, Who Cares” which tends to dwindle on for a bit too long without reaching a satisfying conclusion. On the other end of the spectrum, the track “Lavish Sum of Dread” has that good, grimy presentation though its shorter length actually holds it back from truly expanding on its sound and diving into the more experimental realms that most of the album tackles. Leap of Love can occasionally show moments of inconsistency due to some tracks needing to either be trimmed or extended based on what they already bring to the table. Some moments are solid, but too short in their runtime which could leave listeners wanting more. Other tracks are somewhat too long and spend slightly too much time progressing without much of a payoff. Despite these drawbacks though, this album definitely features more positives than negatives thanks to Super Snake’s contorted personalities and undeniably skilled musicianship.

Leap of Love is a fantastically performed psychedelic rock album that mixes in heavy elements of blues, stoner metal, and even occasional moments of more experimental rock. Right from the beginning, the album takes you on a gravelly trip and refuses to stop until you’ve experienced all of its catchy, adrenaline-inducing sounds. It’s equally parts speedy and sedated all in one. Many bands make attempts to combine a wide array of rock elements, though not all of them can pull it off as satisfying as Super Snake. Leap of Love is a boiling pot of toxin and caffeine, and listeners will be more than happy to indulge.

Compositions - 8.5
Breaking Ground - 8
Engagement - 8
Lyrical Voice - 8
Production - 8.5


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