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Xander Demos

Can you tell us a bit about your critically acclaimed album “Guitarcadia”? Yeah, sure! It was released in late 2012, and became one of the “Best of 2012” albums on Hair Metal Mansion. It was more of a “solo” album, under my name, with mostly instrumental guitar tracks. I had a …

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Marshall Dane

 “Alcohol Abuse” is a great song, congratulations its success and ranking on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Right On Right On!!! Thanks:) The music video for “Alcohol Abuse” is great and looks like it was a blast to film! Did you do this type of video because it was …

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Amy Rose

Congratulations on your Independent Country Music Association nominations! Where did your inspiration come from for Country Crazy? Country Crazy is a song that was written by three incredibly talented songwriters, Marty Beecroft, Glenn Coulson and Tal Bachman which describes a women that is your power driven working force by day AND …

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Ed Roman

Was being a part of Special Ed and The Musically Challenged a factor in the success of Oracles and Ice Cream and your latest release Letters from High Latitudes? The Musically Challenged were and still are a big part of my music life.. So much happened in a short time and …

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