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VITNE – Endless Blue (EP)

VITNE – Endless Blue (EP) Primary URL: http://www.vitne.net/ (Oslo, Norway) Stocked full of hooks and a jovial playing style that never lets it’s guard down, to melodies which linger long after the playing has passed, Endless Blue by artist VITNE (Joseph Kimbrell) provides 6 buoyant and inventive tracks which play …

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Ocean Floor Funeral by Tacachale Chamber Orchestra FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tacachale/ Ocean Floor Funeral by Tacachale Chamber Orchestra is an occasionally if not outdated effort. Great for a road trip with close ones it is otherwise bad for any other situation, unless by other situation you mean busting out a bag of …

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Run Downhill

Run Downhill Run Downhill just released their 4th album, and it is amazing! In case, you do not know who Run Downhill is, here is a little introduction to who they are. This is a band that sings indie-country music that originated from Los Angeles, CA. The group is made …

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