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Flat River Band – Every Dog Has Its Day (Review)

The trio of brothers known to the world at Flat River Band has quickly returned from their Christmas Time album to deliver their latest body of work. The latest album, Every Dog Has Its Day, is their most cohesive project to date showcasing their growth together as musicians while creating their best music together to date. This growth was evident from early single releases such as “Beauty Amongst the Trees,” where the group slows down the pace and lets their vocals breathe and steal the show on the sentimental record. The title record also is a highlight on the project, consisting of passionate lyrics echoing the core message of how one must “get off their high horse” and keep their eyes on the prize to turn their dreams into reality. An inspiring message from the trio doing just that and the road only leads to bigger and better things after this project hits the shelves!

–Carlos Montoya

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