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Nadia Pulgar

Concert lover, music fanatic. If it sounds good to me, the rest doesn’t matter.

Interview with Echo Black

New York’s own Echo Black spent some time with Music Existence after their set in Webster Hall for a fun interview, discussing everything from musical influences, the evolution of their musical style, and the biggest difficulty of being a touring musician. Coming together earlier this year as Echo Black, the …

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Album Review: Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

Beginning on November 17th, Audiotopsy will be on The Order Of Things Tour, their first tour ever. They will be promoting their debut album Natural Causes, a twelve track record including an interlude and an outro.Considered alternative metal, Audiotopsy has a sound akin to nineties rock. The group is composed of Greg …

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Show Review: Reckless Serenade

In an arcade at the end of a strip plaza in Nanuet, New York, Music Existence had the pleasure of witnessing the performance of New York natives, Reckless Serenade. The venue was loud and unforgiving with the noise of all the games sounding off and the commotion of its guests. …

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Album Review: The ReAktion – Selknam

Making noise in the alternative rock scene is a band from Chile named The ReAktion, their newest album titled Selknam. With their music, the group is bringing attention to many of the problems that occur throughout the world. Curious about the album’s title, I discovered that “Selk’nam” is the name …

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Album Review: Sros Lords – Rule

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Sros Lords have released a new album titled Rule on Earyummy Records. The punk band is formed by members Morgan on guitar and vocals, Jamie on drums, and Cait on synth. Rule showcases the simplicity of the instruments, which gives it a very raw aspect in …

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Album Review: Spill E.P.

The band Spill have released their self-titled EP through indie label Broken World Media. listening to these songs it’s immediately obvious  that this group’s sound can not be pinned down to one specific genre. Spill plays what they like without the pretence to fit into one style. Originating from Pennsylvania, …

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