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Album Review: Ghosts Again – The Closest Thing to Closure

Post-hardcore enthusiasts and North Carolina natives Ghosts Again have recently debuted their 5 track EP, The Closest Thing to Closure. The band ventures into the uptempo melodic territory of hardcore compositions with fast guitar riffs, and then it slaps your ears with screaming to remind you what genre you’re listening to. With Brandon Washington on bass, Alex Cortright on guitar and vocals, and Arun Bose on drums,Ghosts Again do not shy away from experimenting in their songwriting and this EP reflects just that.

‘Skeleton Boy’ properly introduces what Ghosts Again set out to promote when they created The Closest Thing to Closure. The melodies are vibrant, strong, and well-balanced, managing to create an intricate arc between the fast tempo of the drums and the guttural screams. The opening track establishes the abilities of Ghosts Again and paves the way for the rest of the EP.

Third track ‘Les Enfants Terribles’, features less airy melodies. The guitar riffs feel more aggressive and chaotic. There is a sense of urgency that can be palpated between drummer Bose and vocalist Cortright painting a scene of panic and stress. The bass brought in by Washington gives the song an anchor that keeps the song leveled.

‘Eleven’  features a violin that brings a melancholic feel, narrowing in on the emotion Cortright puts into his vocal expression. The song has a continuous buildup which breaks into a passionate outcry of emotional healing right at the end. The tension can be felt in the perfectly blended pauses and riffs throughout. A light and delicate piano sequence ends the song and EP on a high note.

Check out Ghosts Again at the links below.

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