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Album Review: Chasing Down Sunset – A Proper Introduction

Chasing Down Sunset’s latest EP, A Proper Introduction features four pop punk tracks that are sure to quench your thirst for distorted guitars, fast drums and clean vocals. The band recently completed an eight date summer tour throughout various cities in the U.S.. Having formed in 2015, the Jersey quintet is made up of Ryan Ross on bass, Zion Dixon on guitar, Jimmy Fasulo on vocals, Jill Beckett on guitar and vocals, and Dan McCool on drums.

Words / Phrases introduces the EP with uptempo guitars and drums, which immediately call out Chasing Down Sunset’s musical style. The instruments are all distributed and balanced smoothly with the vocals. This track definitely showcases the band’s abilities to hold their own in this genre.

Dear You features a formula close to the opening track’s, keeping in the similar vein of pop-punk acts like Neck Deep and Fall Out Boy. Right from the beginning, the guitars are quick and are nicely blended with the bass and drums. The back-up vocals use a distortion effect that is somewhat distracting from the song, and it’s used a few times throughout. The song’s structure features frequent exchanges between the vocalists, which enhances the dynamic of the whole song.

Closing the EP is Positivity in Transit, a predominantly acoustic number that focuses on the vocal abilities of the singers, while using layers of soft background effects to enhance the overall texture. Ultimately, the track was an OK listen, several parts could have been harmonized better as they sounded off-key.

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