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Jake Kussmaul

I come from a family who is passionate about all things music. I learned to sing at an early age, and by 13, had my very own Fender Strat guitar. I tried my hardest at learning all that I could. Because I was born with cerebral palsy, I had to teach myself an adaptive playing style. I learned to write and record my own music, despite these difficulties. In college, I started making great use of my writing abilities by reviewing music, as well as copy editing. I guess it's best to stick with what you know, while welcoming a fair challenge at the same time.

Interview with RVLS: “We’re all here for the same goal; there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to get there together.”

Any band willing to make serious local noise should take cue from this promising quintet. Since their inception on Christmas Day less than two years ago, RVLS (Rivals) has worked relentlessly on the Los Angeles, California alternative circuit. Their consistent live presence, sponsor by Caught Alive Clothing, and release of …

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Album Review: T2Kazuya – Blooming

The plethoric spectacle of booming bass, dry 808 snare rolls and skewed vocal-laden hooks continues to plague EDM’s musical sincerity. Time after time, the average listener merely gravitates toward what is instantly danceable, and doesn’t feel compelled to seek the unknown. Luckily, an alternative does exist. And no, this is …

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Album Review: Dickie S/T (Out August 7)

As the 90s began to wane, a late 20-something singer-guitarist Dick Prall gained fair notoriety on the Chicago indie circuit. Some 25 minutes west of his location, a much younger Kristina Priceman was well into her violin studies at the Northwestern String Academy. Whether by fate or sheer coincidence, the …

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Album Review: Seven7 – The Follower

It’s human nature that most bands of the metal variety cling to their purist tendencies. Often times they’ll dismiss any influences that are decidedly ‘not metal’. On occasion, they may sheepishly deny being metal altogether. On the contrary, London, England’s Seven7 embrace a diverse array of styles without shame. In …

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