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Single Review: Luke ATME – “Quiero Más”

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Luke ATME is a pop artist, originally from Naples, Italy, and based in London, England. Singing since age 14, Luke initiated his output online, posting his own renditions of popular artists’ music on YouTube. Throughout high school, he utilized his vocal and dance talents as part of a local competitive troupe by taking part in regional challenges, as well as performing in local venues. After graduating from West London University in 2017, Luke released his first EP, Loudest!, its primary single, “Higher,” receiving steady rotation in the UK. He would then accumulate several awards in 2019, including two Golden Awards and an AAA4Success Award.

Following the success of Luke’s previous single for 2020, “Cash Checks Atm,” he is back in full swing with “Quiero Más.” The song’s dominant reggaetón vibe is emphasized with polished production, contributing a level of sheen to its percussion and guitar, opting for a relatively laid back, summery groove. Luke’s vocals exhibit a similar presence within the involvement and showcase a natural sense of comfort when transitioning from English to Spanish between verses. To round out the nuances of the song, the atmosphere of its instrumentation works well in terms of the thematic context, which sees summer bliss become a distant memory in lieu of present uncertainty, and the subsequent desire for more out of life.

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Breaking Ground
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