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Rebecah Jacobs

From Los Angeles and living in New York. Always listening to music.

Interview with Shvkxir

Shvkxir is an artist from Dallas, Texas who doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to his style or his music. He just released his newest single, “BVD GIRL” and is excited to share it with the world before he drops his next full project, shvk.wav. Take a listen to the grimy, …

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Interview: Amitis

Amitis is a crossover artist from Iran who moved to Atlanta 10 years ago to bring her musical talents to the United States. Fluent in several instruments, she reaches a broad range of people and her fan base just keeps growing. Read my interview with Amitis to find out what it …

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Interview: Koma

Koma is a young artist from Boston driven to innovate and revolutionize the music scene.  At a young age, he realized he could turn to music during the toughest times, allowing him to also create art with his emotional outlet. Check out my interview with Koma below to find out …

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The Future of Rap

There are two types of music listeners–more specifically, hip hop listeners–that irk me: Old heads that refuse to give new music a chance and new heads who have no knowledge of music history. With that being said, I really don’t want to be that guy who complains about what music …

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