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YUNGBLUD meets his mini-me in “Lowlife” music video

Today, alternative artist Yungblud has shared the official music video for his latest turbocharged anthem “Lowlife.” The video, directed by Priya Minhas and Yungblud, follows the acclaimed musician as he and a version of his cheeky younger self strut around the iconic Camden Town, London. Followed by a brigade of other characters, the video speaks to Yungblud’s personal mantras and ethos as an unabashed artist. 

Speaking about the new music video, Yungblud explained in the official press release, “I wanted to make something that looked like Emo shameless or St Trinians on Acid. As I was writing the song, I was visualizing the video in my head, it literally helped me get the words down on paper. I knew it had to be shot in Camden Town and I wanted to be walking side by side with my younger self, guiding him through a fucked up world based on real memories and people I have encountered in my life. Almost a message to myself saying that life doesn’t always have to be so deep and there is beauty to be found in chaos and opportunity in disaster.”

On finding the perfect person to play his younger self, Yungblud reveals, “I met Colt when I was filming a live session in New Orleans and immediately upon meeting him I knew he had to play the little me. He was such a little brat with a load of bite and energy and felt exactly like me when I was his age so we flew him out to London for the shoot. This video is completely bonkers, but that’s what makes it perfect.”

The official music video for “Lowlife” comes as Yungblud nears the last few dates of his wildly successful North American leg of YUNGBLUD THE WORLD TOUR. Playing packed venues across 25dates, the tour serves as a welcomed reminder of Yungblud’s impact, staying power, and an important voice for GenZ.

Delivered with fervor and passion, the rebellious track fuses hardedge melodies, heavy basslines and raw, vulnerable lyrics. It marks the beginning of a sonic and creative shift that sees Yungblud return to his alternative roots while also taking creative risks with quirky yet detailed production, and considered instrumentation that simultaneously feels both new and nostalgic.

“Lowlife’s” music video is a fun take on the snappy track and sees Yungblud expanding on the principles that make him a phenomenon. With more music to come throughout 2023, Yungblud’s trajectory is looking brighter and more exciting than ever, even while he self-postulates his otherness. 

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