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Single Review: “She’s a Little Wildflower” Barry Muir

It’s one thing to use a keen knowledge of pop aesthetics to create appeal, but to have something that’s naturally tasteful as part of your organic artistry is something entirely different. Barry Muir happens to be one of these special people, and his new album Gentle and single “She’s a Little Wildflower” show this off brilliantly. Muir doesn’t pander to the audience for our affections in “She’s a Little Wildflower,” but instead relies on the heavenly harmonies one would when crafting a brooding live performance to enrapture us and draw anyone listening that much closer to his soul.

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Rather than waiting for the beat to come to him, Barry Muir is getting after the verses in this track and making the melodies work for him, exuding a presence that is on par with what I would expect a player of his caliber to have at this point in his career. He’s already learned every element of using the studio through his last few albums; here, he’s able to cut loose and be himself, lending a passion to “She’s a Little Wildflower” that is anything but standard in the pop genre today. His is a one-of-a-kind delivery, and it’s supported by one of the most generous lead vocals he’s recorded thus far.

There’s still a lot of promise in Barry Muir’s sound, and while he’s come a long way as a recording artist, he seems to have a little more space for growth in this performance that some might not have anticipated hearing in any one of Gentle’s twelve songs. This is a singer/songwriter that I would expect to hear evolving another five years from now, and rather than looking at this as a measurement of his skill level, it’s telling of his longevity as a creative.

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