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Single Review: Barry Muir “Weathered The Storm”

With nothing more than a guitar slung across his back and a pastoral backdrop that suits the tone of his harmonies better than anything else on the planet would have, Barry Muir delivers a wonderful performance in the music video for his single “Weathered the Storm” that feels quite on-point with what pop fans have been hungry for in the past couple of years. The cutting lyrical narrative is enough to solidify the relevancy of this track, but when stacked up with the setting of his video, it feels all the more like an elegiac look at isolation and everything that surrounds its hardest moments.

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The strings command a lot of attention right out of the gate in “Weathered the Storm,” but they’re never distracting us from the powerful pipes Muir is putting forth at the helm of the track. He doesn’t need a synthetic buffer between his voice and the output of the melodic instrumentation – if anything, he’s using the background as a springboard atop which he can launch the most brooding harmonies his throat can thrust forward. This man is quite gifted, and better yet, he knows how to use his gifts in a way a lot of players would kill to understand.

I hadn’t heard of Barry Muir or his music before I took a look at the video for “Weathered the Storm” at the behest of a Canadian colleague, but I’m absolutely feeling his vibe after examining what the visualizer and its sharply-appointed soundtrack have to offer the casual viewer. There’s nothing but love for the medium in this performance, and next to the lot of American talent I’ve been following in the last two or three years, Muir’s stylishness is beyond refreshing (it’s actually more mature and deep-feeling than I would have ever expected it would be).

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