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EP Review: Piers Faccini ‘Hear My Voice’

Piers Faccini is a relentlessly busy man.  If he’s not releasing music of his own (his back catalogue of albums and EPs is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered), you’ll find him releasing music for other artists on his eclectic Beating Drum label.  His new ‘Hear My Voice’ EP, in a way, combines both of these activities.

In 2018, he came up with the idea of releasing a Vinyl Only series of EP releases, with the aim of championing varied and talented artists.  And have released a trio of these EPs to date, featuring the Neapolitan songwriter GNUT, New Zealand songstress TUi MAMAKI, and the Trinidadian poet and singer, Roger Robinson under his Folk alias, HORSEDREAMER, it is now time for Piers to let his voice be heard in the series.

Inspired by the kind of British and North American folk that coloured his first forays into songwriting, ‘Hear Mr Voice’ is an utterly gorgeous, sultry 4 song collection.  Featuring lavish string arrangements by composer Luc Suarez, the opening 2 tracks will take your breathe away with their sheer beauty.  Opener ‘Could Have Been You’ is one of the most moorishly wonderful songs i’ve heard all year.  Followed by the more somber, downbeat ‘Angel Of Mercy’ and closing track ‘See You Don’t Know’, both of which swap the string laden elegance of the opening tracks for a more intimate sound and feel, ‘Hear My Voice’ might be just 15 minutes long, but it’s just about as perfect a 15 minutes as it’s possible to treat your eardrums to.

Sparse, essential and poetic.

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