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SHOW REVIEW: Against The Current, As It Is & Beach Weather at The Garage in Glasgow 22.09.16

A highly anticipated show in Glasgow, Against The Current with supports Beach Weather and As It Is, who both preformed alongside each other on the Sleeping With Sirens tour earlier this year. So with such an incredible headliner as ATC the show was one I had been looking forward too.

Beach Weather, 3 piece from America were first on stage and although there wasn’t a lot of people who knew the words there were a lot of people just having fun, dancing and enjoying themselves. Lead singer Nick Sanino was an absolute charmer with the crowd, he was just very suave but then again. The bands whole style just screamed ‘cool indie’ with the open neck shirts and denim jackets. From the times I had seen beach weather previously they were good but this time round they were absolutely on fire. Just everything about the crowd, their music and their atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Their music is something I don’t really knew how to describe but it was just phenomenal, they preformed the track ‘Someone’s Disaster‘ and even after the show I couldn’t help but singing it to myself so I think we really can expect big things from Beach Weather very soon.

Now I would love to only briefly touch upon the second support of the night but as a band I have a massive passion for this band and over the last few weeks they have been building up an exciting release for their new album ‘okay.’ From the second As It Is stepped on stage you could feel them radiating the new 50’s vibe the band and ‘HappyCo’ have been promoting. Lead singer Patty Walters with newly bleach blonde hair, vocalist and Guitarist Ben Biss dawning his swanky new leather jacket and Guitarist Andy Westhead showing off his fancy new As It Is varsity jacket. but this did not stop the usual energy and excitement of the band. if anything I think this new look has given them a new lease of life because as soon as they kicked off with ‘Cheapshots and Setbacks‘, already you could barely keep up with Mr Walters, he was all over the stage like a big excited puppy. The bands energy on stage really did effect that of the crowds. Here in Glasgow As It Is have a very dedicated fan base and no matter what the show you can guarantee at least 10 people will be singing along with every song, but there was an exception because they played the new song and title track from the album ‘okay.’ which was an absolutely incredible thing to witness, its different but it is still As It Is, you still get that pop punk as heck feeling but there is a lot more of a emo undertone to the song. But as a whole I really couldn’t fault As It Is one bit in their performance. they never fail to put on an amazing show for their fans and for anyone else who comes to see them, they bring excitement, they bring atmosphere and they were the perfect warm up for Against The Current.

I think I could safely say from the opening bars of ‘Runaway‘ I knew that I was in for a good show, Chrissy, ever the show woman came on in her usual, stage owning manor. As soon as she began to sing I realised that ATC are very heavily influenced by woman of music because what I was hearing was a clash of PVRIS and old school Paramore, both pretty different but somehow they made it work. After previously seeing these guys supporting All Time Low, there was one song that really stuck in my mind after I left that show and from seeing the setlist and knowing they were playing it I was excited for it. Even though I planned to watch the show from one of the little booths ‘Running With The Wild Things ‘ even got me into the crowd and got me dancing. It is such a catchy song and the whole room was just buzzing off the energy of the band. So recently Rocksound released a special issue as tribute to the black parade where band were covering songs from the album and against the current decided to take their cover and stick it right in the middle of their show. ‘Teenagerss’ was the song the band definitely did justice and it was nice to see such a fantastic spin on it including a female singer.

They were channelling such incredibly positive vibes the whole show and Chrissy made the whole crowd feel like friends, in between songs she would tell stories, so it wasn’t all just music, we got to see that personal, striped back side to her and the band and it led in perfectly to ‘In Our Bones‘ the title track from the album and ‘Infinity‘ which the band preformed acoustically. It was such a stark contrast to the usually fun exciting jumpy performances but it just proved to me how insanely talented Against The Current are and how amazingly varied their performing style is. But the every was soon picked up again but I just feel like the show went so fast because before I knew it they had left stage and were making an appearance for their one last song ‘Gravity‘ and for a crowd that was mainly young girls that song made the floor shake. Everyone was just ecstatic to be there and excited to be seeing a band they truly loved and adored.

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