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Interview: Angelspit

Hello Zoog, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Your new album Cult of Fake will be out on the 10th anniversary of your debut album Krakhaus being released. How does it feel to be to producing music as Angelspit for that long?

It makes me feel honoured! Through Angelspit I have seen that the Dark Underground community is alive and well.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many Angelspit supporters – we have helped each other get through so much.

Let’s keep going!


How much has Angelspit changed in those 10yrs?

Angelspit has gone from a 2piece Medico Cyberpunk unit, to a 5 piece all-out assault, to DJ sets, to a movie sound track noise experiment…

I feel great about all these incarnations. We’ve kept it fresh and always retained the sound, no matter what style/genre we tackle.


Usually your music is more Electro-Rock or Industrial, but with Cult of Fake you decided to make more of a dance album. What made you decide to go that route?

Because fuck art, let’s dance! …and I’ve never done it before, which is a good reason.

I’ve only scratched the surface of the enormous beastie called “dance music”. Cult Of Fake takes the skeletons of EBM, IDM and EDM and gives them a harsh skin.

I won’t lie, I have tried to make this album as “pop” as I can, then laced it with viscous sounds and politically charged lyrics.

I wanted to make sure that the candy shell was sweet enough to cover the taste of razorblades.


I read somewhere that Cult of Fake was fully funded through Kickstarter in 24 hrs. Were you surprised that it was funded so quickly?

I was very surprised! I thank Angelspit’s amazing supporters for that one! …they also inspired many of the lyrics and the musical direction of the album.

I am going to launch a live stream shortly as a thank you to all who supported!


Label Negative Gain Productions will be releasing Cult of Fake, why did you decide to sign with them?

Because they’re awesome! I am very impressed with the other bands on the label. Negative Gain is also acts as a collective – which is something we really need right now!

Bands and DJs involved in darker music need to group together. We are all faced with clubs closing, scene numbers getting smaller and fewer young people are getting involved. We need to invest in the next generation if we want this scene to survive.



You are originally from Sydney, Australia but I understand you live in Chicago, IL now. What would you say the biggest difference is for you between both countries?

I feel like the USA is more like several countries stuck together. Chicago is vastly different to New York, which is a different country compared to LA, which is on different planet to Austin or New Orleans.

The sense of humour is completely different, as is the use of slang. America is absolutely about money. There are many places to run away too here…you can leave a city and re-design yourself somewhere new…but Australia is much smaller, everyone knows each other…so you learn to “clean up after yourself”.

Australians have a dreadful self-image. We are conditioned from birth not to “blow our own trumpet” or be a “tall poppy”…because tall poppies get cut down. Americans are taught to be “their own cheer squad” and be proud of what they can do, which I think is great. The military system, political system, healthcare system, education system, they are completely different between both countries.

As a result, I have had a great chance to see the world from a different perspective.


Is there anyone in the music world you would love to work with and why?

I wish i could have worked with David Bowie! Brian Eno would be amazing – as I feel he could teach and inspire me.

Sometimes it’s hard to “get out of your head” and not be lost in a cloud of self-doubt, which is why I always try to encourage and inspire others.


What changes do you see coming for the music industry in the next 5-10yrs?

CDs will completely disappear. Tapes and vinyl will continue to make a comeback.

I fear live music will disappear – as it’s getting so expensive for small bands to tour. People under the age of 30 are increasingly losing interest with the “live music experience”. It’s getting impossible for musicians to take time off work to tour. Plus venues are closing and promoters are giving up, literally 80% of the promoters who I worked with 5years ago have retired or given up.

The dark alternative community need to get more young people involved…we’re growing old, and we need to spread the darkness!


Do you have any tours or shows coming up soon?

We are aiming at a USA tour in September! It will be the best fun! Details to be announced soon!


Any final comments or words of wisdom?

Don’t let the world shut you down. Don’t let the bitter few snuff out your flame of passion. Go find a new favourite band, get back into your old hobby – pick up that guitar or get painting again. Start going to open-mic sessions, or figure drawing lessons.

Do not let self doubt make decisions for you.



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