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Introducing 17 Year Old Artist/Producer From Greece Giannis Loud

Giannis Loud is a 17-year old artist & producer from Greece. His greatest strength was how opened he appeared. “Workin” is a very raw introduction to the relationship he has with his father. He digs into his vices, his fears, his blackness, his thoughts of suicide, and more touching subjects with an unflinching honesty. He was a new artist, with a record that allowed the listener to see him for who he is. I find that the people who were most touched, seemed to be reaching their twenties, finding a kindred spirit & wordsmith.

Giannis developed an interest in music from a tender age and has recently produced songs for release as an executive producer. Workin’, a street rap style single by the artist, goes hard on a trap beat with a punchy, mellow hook. His other debut singles include Best One and Love Me Good. The latter is a passionate Hip Hop/RnB track featuring colourful vocal performances by a featuring act and smooth rap vibes. Giannis is definitely an act to watch which is attributed to his mashup of gifts in music and business.

“When I started out, my grandfather gave me a computer and 800 Euros. This set me up and gave me the tools to start producing & recording myself. Nowadays you don’t have to book studio time, you can just download logic and do it from your bedroom,” says Giannis.

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