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Greek Dark Pop Artist LIA HIDE Unveils “Proposal” Video/Single From New Album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’.

For Immediate Release:

March 3, 2022 – Greek dark pop artist LIA HIDE has recently unveiled the first single from their new album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’.

“Proposal”, the song:

The “Proposal” is an invitation to a debate, a dispute, a symposium, where the three people involved are discussing the ideas that puzzle them throughout their lives. The lyrics are weaved in a dialogue between the lead singer and her alter-ego.

“Proposal”, the video:

“Proposal” video was shot at the historic Bagkeion Hotel, in Omonoia square, Athens, Greece. The three band members are investigating elements of the Timeaus (Plato) dialogue, getting ready in their rooms for a later dinner (“Dinner” is also the title of the next single & the musical sibling of “Proposal”), in the Timeaus Sonata, the conceptual three-part work of the album.

The forthcoming album, ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’

“The Missing Fourth Guest”: The Plato’s Timeaus dialogue discusses among others, Atlantis’ war to Ancient Athens, the Purpose and Properties and Elements of the Universe, the World-Soul, and the Nature of the Physical World.

Modern scholars have argued that there is musical ‘secret’ hidden in the text, in the form of that missing fourth guest, and that if early scholars have investigated the texts with music and mathematics in mind, the entire Western Music would have had a totally different sound and structure, today.

Socrates: “One, two, three; but where, my dear Timaeus, is the fourth of those who were yesterday my guests and are to be my entertainers to-day?” Timaeus: “He has been taken ill, Socrates; for he would not willingly have been absent from this gathering. Socrates: Then, if he is not coming, you and the two others must supply his place.”

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