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Single Review: Sharon Hendrix “River Run”

Big harmonies are the order of the day in Sharon Hendrix’s new single and music video “River Run,” and while the iconic vocalist isn’t exactly known for dishing out underwhelming melodic charms in her work, this track raises her standard for sure. Instead of riding the stunning groove in “River Run” into the horizon, Hendrix works every part of this beat into her arrangement of the lyrics, which holds a poetic value independent from the substance of her narrative here. All in all, this is one of the more complete power ballads of the pop genre I’ve listened to this month, and something fans of this player won’t want to miss.

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This instrumental structure has quite the sophisticated feel, partly because of the elaborate nature with which even the simpler transitions in the composition are executed, but I think it’s important to note just how simplified a delivery Hendrix has. There’s nothing even slightly complicated about her presence against the backdrop; her vocal adorns the music softly, with the confidence driving her emotions forth bleeding into the hook she’s utilizing effortlessly. Everything in this piece is a reflection of her passion, with nothing to come between us and the story she’s telling.

It might be interesting to hear an acoustic-based rendition of “River Run” at some point in the future, which isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with what Hendrix has already produced in this fabulous new single and its video. From what I can tell, the bones of this song could support a more stripped-down performance just as well as they do the theatrics and overwhelmingly potent serenading we receive in this recording, and considering the talents this singer/songwriter undeniably has going for her, it would be a shame to see them go underexploited with a piece as fetching as this one.

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“River Run” is probably the most empowering indie offering I’ve stumbled across from a pop artist this month, and I’m rather surprised it hasn’t generated even more buzz around Sharon Hendrix’s career than it has. She’s done it all, from recording beside Bob Dylan to jumpstarting an ascent through the underground hierarchy decades into her career, and in this performance, she doesn’t give us any indications that her campaign is close to its conclusion. Hendrix is a songstress on a mission, and that mission is the basis for every powerful, cathartic, and intriguing moment we discover in this track.

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