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Single Review: Davy Williamson “Thin Disguise”

Get ready to rock, because Davy Williamson’s new single ‘Thin Disguise’ is about to send you into an all-out listening frenzy. Starting with unmistakably roaring guitars, Williamson’s vocal performance perfectly complements the song’s rebellious and emotional tone. With depth and a growl slightly resembling the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, and a resonant delivery similar to the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, ‘Thin Disguise’ serves as a perfect introduction to Davy Williamson’s work as a solo artist. Having previously been active as a member of established bands such as Third Class Passenger and Ma-Shot-Pa, ‘Thin Disguise’ showcases Williamson’s massive potential to go at it alone. Lyrically, Williamson’s debut single encapsulates feelings of anger, betrayal and frustration into a 3-minute song with razorblade sharp lyrics such as “I hate your lies/Your alibis… “, and “Searching an identity/Questioning reality/Fighting off the emptiness”. One major highlight of ‘Thin Disguise’ comes in at the song’s last minute, when a wild electric guitar solo completely steals the show. Defiant, bold and unapologetic, ‘Thin Disguise’ will be a worthy listen for all fans of the rock and punk genres. “All of my life you left in the dark”, Williamson sings in ‘Thin Disguise’ – but, with this new release, we have a feeling that his music won’t be left in the dark for much longer.

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