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Credit: Gio Mojica and Janne Rugland

Harry Hudson returns with new single, “Closing Doors (feat. Astrid S)”

Today, up-and-coming Californian singer/songwriter Harry Hudson releases his latest single, “Closing Doors.” The song, done in collaboration with billion-streamed Norwegian pop star Astrid S, centers on the process of taking a step back to reflect on your situation, improve yourself, and then begin again on a clean slate. It will be included on his sophomore album, Hey, I’m Here for You, which is slated for November 20.

Following the release of the 2018 full-length album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, “Closing Doors” retains the signature uplifting sensibility Hudson is known for, with a nostalgic, almost haunting piano sequence defining its foundational tone. Hudson’s vocals are crisp and firm, coming from a place of tribulation, and subsequently longing for newfound peace and contentment. Astrid’s voice takes the upper octave, and while a silkier and lighter variant to Hudson by contrast, it not only manages to blend well but enhances the overall delivery. Rounding out the song is its percussion, a feature I was most impressed by, as it takes on a subtler, more dynamic approach, and, like Hudson’s material overall, strikes big where it matters.

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