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Single Review: 5ive Ft Giant “Let’s Dance”

With a good beat and a solid harmony, a talented player like 5ive Ft Giant can accomplish a lot, and in the new single and music video “Let’s Dance,” the Tennessee-stationed rapper/crooner drops what could be one of his most affective numbers so far. Steeped in old school vibes that bleed into the groove right out of the gate, “Let’s Dance” is superbly rhythm-oriented and features elements of melodicism and hip-hop seamlessness too infrequently married within the same track. It’s far from an outright throwback, but to be quite frank, it’s definitely rocking some of the sweeter retro themes you’re going to come across this season. 

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The music video for “Let’s Dance” touches on culture through a minimalist concept, using vague references to family, food and libations with friends as a means of connecting 5ive Ft Giant’s contemporary flow with a bygone era in hip-hop history. The fundamentals of his artistry have never been so out, loud and proud for us to absorb, and yet the balance between the imagery in the video and the strength of the song in the background is never in dispute. You can tell he’s invested in the narrative here, and more importantly, that he isn’t wasting our time with disingenuous decadence. 


If smooth R&B grooves spiked with a smart rap attack are your thing, I would have to say that 5ive Ft Giant’s new single “Let’s Dance” is definitely something you need to listen to this September at least once. “Let’s Dance” has all the components of a phenomenal club cut with virtually none of the plasticity commonly found in content stylized specifically with the dancefloor in mind, and in a year that hasn’t had nearly enough soul topping the charts, it’s a refreshing listen for anyone with a taste for urban songcraft at its most untainted. 

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