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The Dead Deads EP Release July 4, 2017

Patriotism, Pint-sizedness, Passion and a Pair of Fresh Kicks:
The Dead Deads leak four fan favorites that may be on their third studio record.
Cult followers of The Dead Deads have been asking for a hard copy of a little song about being underestimated called “Super Tiny” for over a year now.  The song became a crowd favorite during the band’s two 2016 runs with Bush in the US and Canada when it was added to their set at the insistence of The Dead Deads’ own road crew.  “This is the best song you’ve ever written, and you’re nuts for not playing it,” were the exact words of their production manager.  As the girls watched the crowds respond to it, they fell in love with it as well.  “Super Tiny” is one of four songs being self-released by the band on July 4th, 2017.  Fans can either download the EP or if they are extra excited, there will be 500 limited edition signed CDs available for preorder in The Dead Deads merch store.
For the EP, the Nashville rock quartet continued their habit of working with their heroes.  On their last record, For Your Obliteration, it was guitar-god Page Hamilton from Helmet at the helm.  This time, the girls opted for geeking-out in Franklin, TN with the wiz-kid turned kid wizard Matt Mahaffey, the brainchild behind one of the band’s formative influences–sElf.  He’s worked with Pink, Beck, Liz Phair, Tenacious D, Butch Walker, Keith Urban and many more of the girls’ favorites, so they felt at ease putting their songs in his hands.  Lead guitarist Betty Dead described the studio experience saying, “He makes you feel so comfortable and that brings out the best performances–when you can just relax and have a good time.  That’s rock ‘n’ roll.”
After a day of pre-production, they dove-in drums first at Fresh Imperial.  The studio is designed to feel like the Death Star with black shiny floors, dark modern furnishings and a larger than life Darth Vader looming over the control room.   Bassist Daisy Dead felt the mojo.  “Working with Matt is something we had wanted to do for a long time and we finally got to record with one of our heroes under the watchful eye of Vader!  We left every session about to jump out of our skin over how fun it was and how good things were sounding as they went down.  Matt is definitely one with the force.”
Another highly anticipated fan favorite on the EP is a mysterious track for which the band has various names.  It details the events which took place on election night after The Dead Deads walked offstage to learn that Trump was to be the next POTUS.  It’s chilling final lyric rings out acapella, “nothing will be fine.”  Despite Vader’s presence in the sessions, the EP isn’t all messages from the dark side.  The girls give a nod to Weezer in the pop-punk sing-along “Fresh Kicks,” as the opening lines get to the heart of an underlying relationship issue, “There’s nothing to do.  I’m too Pinkerton and you’re too Blue.”
The Dead Deads are still relatively hushed on the details of the forth-coming album, but if these four songs are any indication, all the key elements are there–this is the alternative grunge-pop we love from one of the finest purveyors in the game.  For fans of Weezer to Tool, Pixies to Pink to Pavement…The Dead Deads are still churning out a soft-serve swirl of genre flavors that will get you through the summer rock doldrums.
For more info, please review attached one-sheet.

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