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D. S. Bradford Releases First Single From Upcoming Concept Album

The first album from D. S. Bradford, the long-awaited follow-up to his debut single “Oceans” has been given a name: Elemental Evolution. According to AllMusic.com writer, James Christopher Monger, the LP from the versatile singer/songwriter is an “ambitious concept album.”

The title track was released on Friday, January 8, 2016. It has received praise and great interest in the songs not yet heard from the album, due in Spring 2016. The song was also featured on Hype Machine Charts, iHeartRadio, and was awarded “Single of the Week” by Alternative Tracks. Hear it here!

In an interview published in The Revue, Bradford explained that the origin of the single “came about as though it was from outside of myself and just needed someone with a hand to write it down. […] In the twilight hours of one particular night, I awoke suddenly. The first line of the song, ‘Insomniacs reaching for the stars’, shoved its way to the forefront of my mind and the rest followed.”

bradford elemental evolutionBradford further elaborated that, like the song, the album has taken a tone of science fiction to address the issues in today’s present and what effect our actions will give to our future – drawing the emotions from his own experiences and thoughts and using his imagination to create a world in which listeners can immerse themselves. Creating a fictional story to express art is definitely not a new idea, as it was done by artists like David Bowie, Coheed And Cambria, among others, but they paved the way for artists like Bradford to have the courage to bare his soul and share his imagination. Bradford admits that his one true muse is, in fact, Coheed And Cambria.

In his own words, he explained, “I started dreaming up this story of our civilization being able to achieve peace and start over again, and the concept of the album was born. Without giving too much away, it is a story based on events in my life and examines what really matters in life and asks, ‘What can we do to truly achieve peace and evolve into a better civilization of human beings?’ The lyrics go deep, but also appeals to the casual listener.”

As well as being a talented musician, David is a noteworthy artist who has created artwork for his single and album. He describes it as “an extension of the music, of myself, and the stories within the songs. The same goes for videos I create, which are abstract in nature, as I have an affinity for surrealism.”

Bradford is a truly well-diversified and disciplined D.I.Y. artist with a story to tell. Relatable in every sense as he takes us on his journey from depression and addiction, to finding the love of his life, to becoming a father.

With the creation of Elemental Evolution, D. S. Bradford is one to watch in 2016.

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