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D. S. Bradford Launches Pre-Order For Elemental Evolution EP

In January, D.S. Bradford released the title track from the upcoming 5-track collection, a rousing rock song which is a story in and of itself. Fueled by the positive vibes and catchy songwriting, the media got behind the single, and has garnered positive reviews from critics and fans, alike. In a recent interview with Gerard Longo on a QSLehighValley broadcast that took place on 2/18, Bradford revealed that the music for the EP is finished and that vocal tracking is next in the production phase. The artwork is finished, and with two singles ahead of the forthcoming release, Bradford is looking to continue making a great impression with existing fans and new supporters, alike.

D. S. Bradford is offering plenty of exciting exclusives to pledgers through his partnership with PledgeMusic that are accessible here, as well as insider updates along the way.

In his own words, Bradford expressed that, “This project means everything to me and I want to share it with all of you and have everyone be a part of this release. Elemental Evolution is about all of us, our future, and the things that are important to us in our lives. Your involvement with this project will not only give you one of a kind items like artwork and CDs, it also is the epitome of what this EP is actually about and the message that we, in this world, can come together, be a part of something, and succeed.”

Pledgers and fans will undoubtedly be a part of something special with this release, as they join Bradford to achieve his goals during the recording process, to the mixing and mastering by Applehead Studios (Coheed And Cambria), up to the release of Elemental Evolution on CD and digital formats.

Join the Elemental Evolution only at PledgeMusic.

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