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Crimson Chrysalis – Enraptured

Crimson Chrysalis – Enraptured URL: http://crimsonchrysalis.com/ There is no doubting the bewildering, dazzling quality of Crimson Chrysalis. They are a kindred spirit to Nightwish and several other bands that merge graceful atmospheric ambience into bludgeoning, theatrical metal abandon that satiates a very diverse listening palette. Quite simply, this group doesn’t …

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Shauna Burns -“Hazel”

Shauna Burns -“Hazel” Primary URL: http://shaunaburns.com/music/ Singer/songwriter Shauna Burns has a decade long career working in the same vein of performers like Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. Her 2005 debut, Every Thought, introduced her personal brand of piano theatrics tinged with a light Celtic flavor. She has shown a willingness …

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Louder Than Life Announces Partnership with The Louisville Courier-Journal

LOUDER THAN LIFE has announced a partnership with The Louisville Courier-Journal for the 2015 festival at Champions Park near downtown Louisville on October 3 & 4 that includes naming rights for the festival’s bourbon world. The second annual celebration of the region’s culture and cuisine features award-winning bourbons and spirits, Gourmet Man …

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Dreaming Big at 19 – Interview with Sofia Donavan: “I was 14 and everyone else was 20-25 looking at me like, ‘What do you think you’re doing here?’ It was a big wake up call….”

Growing up in a musical family, Sofia Donavan was encouraged by her parents to always follow her muse. At 13, her passion for writing music evolved into more than just a hobby, it became a calling. Having grown up in London, Sofia took a leap of faith, moving to Birmingham, Alabama …

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