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George Collins’s ‘My Wish For You’ – A Funky Journey of Love, Wishes, and Parenthood.

George Collins’s “My Wish For You” is more than a song; it’s an intimate and moving journey that encapsulates the profound love and boundless hope a parent has for their child. 

The song’s beginning goes back to a pivotal moment in Collins’s life when, as a father at 50, he walked home from the hospital after witnessing his daughter’s birth.

This transformative experience sparked what Collins refers to as a “download,” with the chorus of the song arriving almost fully formed. Tears streaming down his face, he hastily captured these heartfelt lines in a notebook, initiating a creative process that unfolded over a decade.

The chorus, featuring the recurring “May you…” and the powerful hook, “That is my wish for you,” serves as the emotional core of the song. Drawing inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wisdom in “Letter to His Daughter,” Collins crafts a poetic list of wishes, distilling it down to ten that make their home in the final lyrics.

Collins’s meticulous attention to emotional resonance, rhythm, and singability results in a composition that deeply resonates. 

The connection between the lyrics and personal moments, such as Collins cuddling his newborn daughter and serenading her with Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” adds an authentic and relatable layer to the song.

“My Wish For You” transcends the typical song however; it holds a universal theme about the hopes and dreams a parent has for their child. Collins’ own journey, transitioning from a career in finance to becoming a full time dad while embracing his creative pursuits, mirrors the narrative of the song. 

It is a heartfelt wish expressed through music, resonating with those who have felt the true depth of a parent’s love and the limitless hope for a child’s future. 

In the early days of student life, George Collins rocked out as part of a band called Common Knowledge. Sharing the stage with none other than Carter Beauford and the late LeRoi Moore, founding members of The Dave Matthews Band, Collins had some serious musical mojo going on. 

Listen to “My Wish For You” now by clicking this link on Collins Website.

Keep up to date with George Collins Band on his website, and social media channels Facebook and Instagram. 

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