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Single Review: “Darkstar” Ready, Steady, Die!

Slipping into focus ever so gently, the quiet melody that wakes up “Darkstar” is an agent of evocation, but next to the lead vocal Ready, Steady, Die! is going to put down in this all-new single and music video, they’ll soon feel like only one half of the equation here. Ready, Steady, Die! is a consummate dark pop producer in this prime indie cut, and while they’re still getting their name out to the general public, “Darkstar” does not sound like a song from an act who hasn’t figured themselves out just yet. On the contrary, this is a complete look that indicates nothing but bright confidence for this inspired act and the nocturnal tones they’re flirting with.

The emphasis in this single tends to fall more on the journey than the destination, which isn’t to say that the chorus is somehow lacking the necessary punch to get us a firm release.



The fact is, there isn’t one specific part in “Darkstar” that feels like the climax over another, but instead a collection of chilling but strangely optimistic moments that are strung together to make one powerful single and companion music video. Ready, Steady, Die!’s composure is the star of this show when you total everything up aesthetically, but outside of that, this is a multidimensional track you just can’t describe in terms of ambient pop conventionality.

“Darkstar” clocks in at a reasonable running time in comparison to the average track in this genre, but it doesn’t feel like it’s missing something as its instrumentation fades in the background silence. Ready, Steady, Die! developed something that speaks to their passion as lyricists and big picture-minded players, and with any luck, it won’t be the only single of its kind we hear from their brand as 2022 transitions into 2023. The experimental bug might be running rampant in the pop underground, but this is one of the only act’s using it to their advantage with any efficiency right now.


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