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Coming “600 Miles” with Presley Tennant

Finally the time has come for the young “vocal powerhouse” Presley Tennant, to officially begin her start in the industry with her debut EP, “600 Miles.” Along her journey so far, hundreds of miles have passed, however nothing compares to the thousands ahead in her future. What’s in store? Topics of distance, supplemented with trials of love, religion, and strength, this journey of “600 Miles” is no walk in the park, but listeners are ready to stick around.

Whether it be the haunting vocal performance of, “Mess With My Man” or the intense power of, “God Forbid We Pray’” Tennant proves the advantage she holds having developed her vocal sound almost entirely throughout her pre-debut songs. Stability doubled with the willingness to explore her range, so early-on in her career, she is more than set for all the opportunities sure to find their way to her at the time of this release.

Watch the “Mess With My Man” video on her YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/1W3Pxp618Nc

On the brink of teenage and adulthood, she is at a crossroads of experience — there is no better time to share all she has learned so far with audiences young and old. Even prior to her debut EP outlining “the story so far,” Tennant has kept her audiences by her side, walking each step together and every track on this EP represents just this. Keeping her fans at the forefront of her story, her lyrics are relatable and her melodies become soundtracks for those bumps in life that you just can’t overcome alone.

Presley Tennant has already come leaps and bounds artistically and personally throughout her musical career so far, and this chapter of “600 Miles” has allowed her to see just how far that distance is. The path ahead may be a couple thousand miles longer and filled with twists, turns and bumps, but as long as her listeners are walking this journey with her, it will be one well worth it. You can stream 600 Miles on any and all streaming platforms now:


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